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Corporate Partnerships

We have a range of opportunities covering everything from flexible volunteering, charity of the year partnerships to bespoke options that address your CSR needs.

We would love to find out more about your organisation and goals and explore how The Key can help.

Why support The Key

Partnering with The Key provides you with...

  • Solutions to identified gaps in your business’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity
  • Opportunities for employees to get involved and see the direct impact of your support
  • Boosted staff wellbeing to create a happier, better prepared workforce
  • Connection with your local community, resulting in greater brand loyalty
  • Tailored packages to meet your giving needs such as ring fencing your support to your desired geographic location offering direct impact into the heart of your community

How you can partner with us

We love to work with you to come up with a bespoke solution to fit your needs. Here's just a few examples of how a partnership could look...

Invest in young people's ideas 



empowers 25 young people facing challenging circumstances. 

Develop your team with KEY+

empowers 100 young people facing challenging circumstances.

Get in touch

We achieve more together than by acting alone. We’re keen to explore partnerships that can provide even more young people with the opportunities they need.

Speak to us to explore how we can meet your needs whilst empowering young people in need together.

Success Stories

Every year, young people achieve great things through KEY+. Here's just a few stories showcasing the impact of our unique programme...

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