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Become a Key Partner

KEY+ is for organisations who want to empower young people to have their voices heard, build their skills, and deliver the projects which matter to them. 

By becoming a partner, we provide you with the support, training and resources needed to engage, empower and develop young people with KEY+.

Reasons to get involved

Adopting KEY+ in your organisation helps you to:

  • Embed a trusted youth-led, skills development programme that can inspire and engage any young person
  • Give young people a funded opportunity to lead and deliver activities which are meaningful to them
  • Provide staff and volunteers with training, guidance, and high-quality youth work solutions
  • Access a range of impact reports that help your organisation evidence the difference you’re making
  • Be part of a growing, likeminded, and committed community passionate about helping young people believe in themselves

Working together

We know we achieve more together than by acting alone. Once partners join The Key Community, we regularly work together on joint funding initiatives to collectively increase impact.
For example, we worked with Newcastle College to embed KEY+ into their careers programme. The project surpassed engagement targets and the college are now working to permanently offer KEY+ to students.

Partnering with The Key

We offer a wide range of partnership packages to ensure organisations of all shapes and sizes can benefit.

All Key Partners receive access to:

  • Unlimited KEY+ training and support
  • Impact reporting suite
  • A suite of helpful resources and guides
  • Unlimited nominations to our annual Key Awards evening
  • Opportunity to access free tickets to our annual Key Awards
  • Regular communication from The Key
  • Support from The Key team
  • Opportunity to access optional upgrades
  • Microgrants for project costs reimbursed on completion

A small partnership provides you with credits for the young people you support to deliver three KEY+ Projects in total. The cost of a small package is £200.

A medium partnership provides you with credits for the young people you support to deliver six KEY+ Projects in total. The cost of a small package is £400.

A large partnership provides you with credits for the young people you support to deliver nine KEY+ Projects in total. The cost of a small package is £600.

Bespoke packages are available for larger scale KEY+ usage and delivery. Please speak to The Key directly to discuss this option for your organisation.


Your membership year starts as soon as your invoice has been issued, but before a facilitator can run a group and use your project credits, they will need to undergo our KEY+ training. We run several training sessions a month and so we recommend you book training as soon as possible after your membership starts. If none of our training dates are suitable for you, please do let us know and we will try and adjust our sessions to accommodate, or, if you have a larger group of facilitators wanting to train, we can organise a specific session for your organisation. If facilitators have been trained in KEY+ with another organisation, that training is valid for your organisation too and they do not need to retrain.

Absolutely! KEY+ has been designed to be accessible for anyone that works with young people, whether they are a qualified youth worker or not. Our training, support and easy to follow programme will equip you with the necessary youth work skills in order to complete KEY+ project with young people.

Definitely - our current delivery partners include schools, uniformed organisations, colleges, sports clubs, care homes and other youth charities as well as youth work projects. We are open to working with any organisation that works with groups of young people and the above list is far from exhaustive so even if you don’t fall into any of those categories, please get in touch and we can discuss whether KEY+ is right for your organisation.

Success Stories

Every year, young people achieve great things through KEY+. Here's just a few stories showcasing the impact of our unique programme...

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