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Virtual Key Project Ideas

We're helping to get you started on your virtual Key Project by bringing you 12 socially distanced or virtual ideas that you can get planning today...

1. Virtual cooking class

Gather the troops and the ingredients to make a tasty meal together with friends.

2. Virtual cinema night

Grab the cushions and treats and tune in to your favourite film together.

3. Socially distanced meal

As youth clubs and schools are reopening, why not plan a socially distanced takeaway with your bubble. Think about food distribution, limiting contamination and social distanced seating to make it as safe as can be.

4. Virtual youth club quiz night

Pick your quizmaster and grab a pen and paper for a virtual quiz night for all.

5. Lockdown fun pack

Get creative by creating your own resource and activity pack to help you and others get through lockdown.

6. Virtual gardening group

Order the seeds and get planting so that when lockdown is over you can come together with the fruits of your hard work. 

7. Virtual bingo night

A fun activity you can do (virtually) with the whole community. Who will get the first ‘house’?

8. Virtual foodbank collection

A popular one to help those most in need during these uncertain times.

9. Learn new skills (virtually)

Fill in some time by doing a virtual learning course. Whether it’s how to be an artist or how to be a magician, you’ll be able to share what you learn with others after lockdown. 

10. Revamp that old space

Why not redesign a tired youth space and get your decorator or renovator in during lockdown so it's done and dusted ready for your safe return.

11. Virtual museum tour

If you’re missing out on some cultural activities why not take a virtual museum tour? A few museums have gone virtual so you can experience new things from the comfort of your home.

12. Sponsored virtual challenge

A good way to get active! Whether it’s a sponsored walk (laps of your garden) or sponsored singalong, you can do your bit for a chosen charity from home.

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