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US Girls: Stage 4

Six young ladies from Newton Aycliffe decided to support those affected by cancer in their local community for their Stage 4 Key Project.

Key Group, US Girls, wanted to help the local community for their final Key Project when they ame across local charity, Solan Connor Fawcett Family Cancer Trust. The girls researched the charity in more detail and were inspired by what they found. The girls realised that cancer itself has a big impact on not just the individual diagnosed but also the family surrounding that person. The Solan charity support those families affected and the girls wanted to do their bit to help.

With their idea in mind, the girls got in touch with Solan's Army to see if they would be happy to link the group with families and children currently affected by cancer in their local community. US Girls wanted to organise free activities for those affected and give them an opportunity make memories together without the cost.

With a yes from Solan, the group headed to panel to pitch their inspirational idea. US Girls delivered an absolutely phenomenal Key Panel which saw them use their imaginations to turn a normal panel presentation into an interactive, game show themed pitch. The group developed the ‘Unlock The Key’ gameshow idea which saw the group split into contestant and game show hosts. Each member had to answer a cancer related or Key Project related question in order to receive a piece of the skills jigsaw. Once each of the 12 pieces were won, the group member would say how they had developed that skill during the planning of their Stage 4 project. It was truly inspirational and the amount of detail and thought that had went behind both their panel pitch and their project, saw them get a great big yes!

During the planning of this project, the group had to become confident in communicating with people in power and authority and people they weren't familiar with. Ringing Solan's Army and speaking to the founder was a big part of this and helped to boost the confidence of the group. So much so that, one member of the group was able to take on a major speaking role in the panel, which she previously would have shied away from. Not only that, but the girls have to learn how to solve problems quickly when they came up against a few obstacles. The girls had to come up with a few plan b options for their chosen activities after they realised accessibility would be an issue for those currently receiving treatment. The girls were quick thinking though and were able to find new activities that were suitable and low cost so that they still came within budget.

US Girls have done fantastically throughout their Key journey and have amazed their Key Facilitator throughout who said “it has been an incredible experience to watch the girls grow and develop over the 4 stages of The Key Framework. The group have excelled all of my expectations and their self-confidence has boomed. I am so proud of all their hard work, commitment and determination to give something back to their local community.”

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