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Trophy Tour: The Aces

As the red carpet was rolled out virtually at The Key Awards 2021 this year, we’ve kicked off our very own Key Awards Trophy Tour visiting some of the night’s award winners. Last week, we caught up with Key Group, The Ace’s, from Bright Futures, who were crowned Key Community Champions on the night.

The Ace’s inspired our judging panel as they came together to complete The Key and deliver their very own project with hopes of combatting the intergenerational divide in their local community and helping isolated, elderly residents feel cared for during the coronavirus pandemic.

Key Group, The Aces, noticed many elderly neighbours were isolated and alone during lockdown. They came up with the inspirational idea of a pen pal scheme to offer company and support from a safe distance. The group worked hard to recruit other young volunteers to their cause and inspired them to get writing too. 

The Ace’s said "we wanted to show the residents of the local care home that not all teenagers are bad. The care home is near the bus stop and they see lots of teenagers hanging around dressed in hoodies and often think we look intimidating. But we wanted to show them that we are nice people and so we started writing letters to some of the residents during the lockdown.”

Over a six-month period, the group exchanged 53 letters with residents and decided the perfect way to celebrate was to treat all their newfound pals to a fish and chip treat to remember. The group negotiated with local fish and chip shops to secure a bumper deal beforehand delivering the goods to their new friends.

The Aces are a shining example of how young people can use The Key to deliver good for the community whilst at the same time building their skills and confidence for the future. The group went from strength to strength throughout their engagement with The Key and have not only developed their communication, negotiation, and organisation skills along the way but have also grown in confidence massively too.

The panel was impressed by the unique and kind nature of the project and the impact it has had on the long-term relationship between the group and their elderly neighbours. Well done to The Aces!

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