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The Key Awards 2018

The Key Awards 2018 was a tremendous success on Wednesday 20th June, with over 165 young people and youth workers in attendance at the Newcastle Civic Centre.

Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the tremendous Key achievements of our young people with live entertainment from Jack Drum Arts and our brilliant compare, Capital Breakfast Show's Matt Bailey!

Our judging panel were blown away by the exceptional projects all our Key Groups planned last year and although overall winners were chosen on the night, we know that all our nominees and groups from the past year are all true winners!

Community Champions: Helping Hands

Feeling strongly that no one should be left out, Helping Hands, bought, made and delivered gifts and care packs to over 135 isolated elderly residents and local homeless people over the winter period. The panel were blown away by the way the group developed a stage 1 Key Project that benefited so many. Their idea was unique and created a ripple effect across the community. It helped to bridge the gaps between the young people in their local community and those they supported and has since seen them form strong bonds with the some of the elderly members that received their gifts. Well done to Helping Hands.

Key Pitch Innovators: US Girls

Starting out with a PowerPoint presentation this panel quickly turned into something unique as the group introduced the ‘Unlock The Key’ game show complete with 12 key skills, a painted jigsaw, a detailed budget and a very informative pitch. US Girls wowed the judging panel with the level of detail and creativity the girls put into their pitch. The ‘Unlock The Key Game Show’ was certainly a creative way to show the need of the project and all it would entail. Whenever there was a correct answer, group members would receive a Key Skill jigsaw piece and talk about how they had each developed that one skill.

Best Group Name: Audacious Armadillos

A very creatively unique group name from these Gateshead Youth Council youngsters!

Inspirational Award: Tea & Cake

Tea & Cake stepped out of their comfort zones to learn from the older generation and form a bond talking about their own feelings, hopes, dreams and aims for their future to a group of older women, who they have never met. They initially were chosen to take part in the women’s project to develop their self-confidence and self- esteem, and to try to raise their aspirations. Tea & Cake developed many key skills and many staff members have commented on seeing such positive changes in the girls.

Exceptional Facilitator: Toni Waugh

A Key Facilitator for many years, Toni was helped get The Key Framework into the hands of many young people from the North East and introducing it to so many new organisations. Toni works tirelessly to support her young people through the Framework and is always going the extra mile when needed. Toni has worked effortlessly to enable children and young people with severe learning difficulties can take part in The Key Framework. She has helped her youngsters to think about every need of others, both in the group and those the projects will benefit. Toni is always willing to get the extra mile when supporting young people, she has thought about communication barriers and has used Makaton sign language, PEC’s files and symbols to ensure everyone in our school can be included.  Her dedication for including all children has meant that not only have many children began their Key Journey but that she has also inspired other staff to become Key Facilitators too.  It’s the positive attitude that Toni has for each and every child and her values that have made a massive impact on the children within the group and wider community.

Unique Project: Boys R Us

Concerned about how businesses treat young people, Boys R Us set out in search of youth friendly businesses on their Key Project. The judging panel were impressed by the dedication and time Boys R Us took to deliver their unique project and had simply never seen a project like it before. Boy R Us visited local companies and secretly rated them on their service to young people. Once visiting, they compared notes before sending the company a certificate and letter to let them know how they performed.

Super Evaluators: Student Council

Student Council impressed the judges with their exceptional evaluation. Taking inspiration from their picnic in the park project, this group evaluated their project with a picnic hamper filled with jars, paper plates, contains and even a picnic blanket all detailing their skills and images of the project. The level of detail included in this evaluation was unbelievable and it was clear to see just how much hard work and thought had went into it.

Volunteer of the Year: Gill Thompson

Gill has been a brilliant community panel member for young people from Newcastle. Sitting on every panel a local school has held since 2016 and positively challenging the young people whenever needed. Taking time out of her own day to voluntarily sit on the panels has enabled so many young people to go through the Key Framework.

Special Recognition: #Jellybeans

#Jellybeans overcame great barriers to get to where they are today and have truly thrived throughout The Key Framework. The 3 young women involved have now carried out three brilliant Key Projects which have benefited their friends and peers. Battling with anxiety in the beginning and dealing with the daunting task of their Key Panel, the group quickly built their ability to believe in their own ideas and overcome stress and tension. This group of young people have visibly grown in terms of confidence and self-esteem, so much so that they are now mentoring their own group through their Key journey. Congratulation to #Jellybeans..

Special Recognition: Runaway Samba

Runaway Samba helped to raise significant awareness of mental health and suicide prevention in their local community after being inspired by recent events. This group brought hundreds of people for an evening of celebration with hopes of raising funds for mental health charities. All in all, this group carried out an unbelievable event that helped build friendships in their local community and raise over £600 for charity.  Congratulations to Key Group, Runaway Samba!

The Key Group of 2018: Pakora Party

The 3 young people involved have inspired many with their enterprising projects all for a great cause. This sibling group wanted to give something back to a local, asylum seeker led community project which supports asylum seeker who have no recourse to public funds and limited access to community groups. These three young people drew upon their passion and knowledge of cooking and enterprise to create the Pakora Party. They contacted local businesses and gained orders for deliveries of Pakora to be made for a small charge. This unique insight enabled them to spread awareness of their culture and its amazing spices! They took themselves out of their comfort zones and worked so hard to make this the amazing unique enterprise. They sold to tons of regional businesses, catered for events and headed to Sage’s HQ to sell their tasty treats too. All whilst spreading their message and sharing their culture with others. It’s been an absolutely resounding success, from their first stage Key Project they raised and donated £600 to the Samosa Sister’s Women’s Empowerment charity.

Pakora Party have grown so much through The Key Framework, developing not only the 12 Key Skills but also their self-confidence and self-esteem. They’re now looking at where they can take their enterprise in the future and already have great plans. Congratulations Pakora Party.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Key Success and can't wait to do it all again next year!

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