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The 3 Muske-Tia's

The growing pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic has left so many of the population feeling lonely or isolated. As The Key continued to work hard to support our delivery partners, some of our Key Groups worked just as hard too! This incredible group, The Three Muske-Tia's recognised the incredible potential of their current cooking classes that they were giving to their local youth club. 

This Key group of young people approached The Key for funding to support 30 young people in their community who could not afford the ingredients to follow their cooking classes. The acknowledgement of their underserved young people in the community provided vital escape from the daunting times of isolation throughout the pandemic. After getting approval from the panel, The 3 Muske-Tias were quick to put their plan into action.

The group provided 30 individuals with cooking packs of ingredients giving them the ability to join in on their live Facebook cooking classes. Not only could this group reach anyone in the community to allow them to take part, but also had the initiative to find a solution to those who could not afford the luxury of obtaining the little things like ingredients. This Key group offered immense community benefit during a time where it was profoundly needed amongst everyone. The Key applaud this group for both their enterprise initiative but their kindness and generosity to reach out to those less-fortunate.

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