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Stockton Changemakers

Stockton Changemakers created a positive impact for families and individuals in need with their KEY+ project.

Nine young changemakers from Stockton had big plans to create social impact with their KEY+ Stage 1 project when they joined forces through The KEY+ Challenge.

Inspired to help others and do something kind for a local project, these inspirational teenagers chose to support families and individuals seeking refuge from domestic violence and conflict by renovating a community room in their local centre to make victims feel safe, supported and relaxed.

Pulling together, the group chose to appoint a team leader (Tilly) and an assistant leader (Trinity) to get the project in order. Working hard around other commitments, the group had to learn to plan their time and energy. They communicated with others by asking for advice on what the refuge centre needed before searching for items and costs online and pulling together a budget. With everything in place, they pitched their idea to a community panel and got the go ahead.

The hard work started here as Stockton Changemakers were keen to make as big an impact as possible and decided to secure a community stall where they could raise awareness of the cause and ask for donations too. The group members excelled at speaking to members of the public and sharing about their project. They received a ton of donations and made their project budget stretch further.

The project was a real win and the Changemakers were empowered and inspired when they got to see the difference their project made to the lives of others. Doing something kind for the community has spurred the group on and reminded them how motivating it is to get involved in social action.

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