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A Sponsored Skydive?    #Why not!

Dive headfirst into fundraising with a sponsored skydive in aid of our inspirational young people.

Imagine sitting at the end of an open doorway in an aircraft flying at 10,000 feet, the noise, the wind and just a faint outline of the ground below. 

Now imagine channeling your adrenaline and leaning forward out of the doorway before letting go.

Sounds pretty exhilarating, right? Imagine if you could do all of that AND transform the lives of young people facing challenging circumstances!

Well, imagine no more because on Saturday 28th March 2020 or Thursday 19th March you can do just that with The Key.

We have just a few spaces remaining so don't hesitate in signing up for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

All of The Key's Skydivers are set a £500 fundraising target to help transform the lives of young people facing challenging circumstances and as part of our #TeamYouth20, you'll receive:

  • A schnazzy branded tshirt
  • A full fundraising pack
  • Continued support from our lovely fundraising team!

You can rest assured that your hard work and effort will provide young people from the North East with the opportunities and support they need and deserve too.

We've got a t-shirt ready for you, so click here to secure your place today for just £35!!!!

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