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Pitch is Here!

We're excited to finally be recognising PITCH as an official step in The Key - THINK, PLAN, PITCH, DO, AND REVIEW!

Young people's pitch to panel has always been an essential part and provides the opportunity to gain greater confidence, skills and purpose.

Listen to The Key's CEO, Richard Haigh, tell you all about PITCH and the adaptations we're making to ensure young people get the most out of the critical step.

Here is a summary of the PITCH adaptations in effect from the 1st November 2021:

1.  Young Community Panel Member

We now have Young Community Panel Members trained and ready to sit on panels. We can also offer this free training to any young person who has completed a Key Project.

2. Trained panel members only on panels

Every panel member present at panel must have completed either Key Facilitator or Key Community Panel Member training. An untrained panel member should not be part of the panel.

3. Free panel member training for volunteers

Volunteers can now complete our free interactive online training in their own time to become a fully fledged trained panel member.

4. New pitch panel resources and guidance

New resources to help guide you and panel members through the PITCH step.

The Key is always on hand to help you with anything you need, whether that's with booking a panel, finding panel members, or guidance on the panel paperwork you require. Please don't hesitate to reach out on 0191 731 7830 or

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