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Meet Richard, our CEO

Richard joined The Key as CEO back in 2020. His strong passion for young people and youth work has shone brightly throughout his career as he has worked in the statutory and voluntary sector with children and families for over 25 years in a range of roles involving children’s homes, children’s rights advocacy, one-stop support services, refugees and asylum seekers, families in poverty, children who go missing, and child sexual exploitation.

"I love working for The Key because it offers four things to young people that I think are totally vital. Young people get a voice, they get a chance to do great things that they have chosen, they use and develop vital life skills to make those special things happen and finally they get a chance to do something for others in their community. All of which really important in my view and something I’m incredibly passionate about!"


PICTURE: Richard with Key Facilitator, Chloe Sutton.

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