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A group of brilliant young Mams from Bright Futures Young Women’s Project in South Tyneside joined forces through the KEY+ Challenge to support one another and encourage others to make positive connections.

For their first stage KEY+ Project, the group decided to plan a trip for themselves and their young children to adventure valley. It was an opportunity to let their hair down and be together as a group.

For Stage 2, Lauren, Beth and Sophie (the Marvellous Mentor Mams) wanted to grow their community of young mams and help others to build friendships in similar situations too. With this in mind they got to work planning a family friendly Christmas party. The event was a big success and the group received great feedback from others. A lot of people attended the party and there were lots of happy faces from the young mums and children. Seeing the impact their event had on others inspired them to create a big impact at Stage 3.

Empowered by Stage 2, the Marvellous Mentor Mams wanted to do something kind for the community once again. After helping other young mams they wanted to spread their joy to others too. They grouped together to come up with ideas before ultimately deciding that around that they wanted to build connections with elderly residents and to do this, they wanted to create and deliver care packages for residents at local care home.

With their idea finalised, Lauren Beth and Sophie got to planning. They communicated with the local care home to see what items activities their residents would like before scouring the internet and shop for prices for each of the 13 items they chose to include. To top it off, the group decided that they wanted to visit the care home with their children to drop off their packs and deliver an activity that they could all get involved with. The project was ready for a brilliant pitch to panel and a well-earned YES from panel members!

Marvellous Mentor Mams delivered a brilliant Stage 3 Youth Impact project in the community that has created a legacy and strengthened bonds between the young mams and local residents. The care packs were well received by 60 elderly neighbours and the really enjoyed the visit from the group. Since completing their project, the Marvellous Mentor Mams have continued to make regular visits to the care home too.

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