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The Linx Project

The Linx Project is a Middlesbrough based organisation providing real life opportunities to young people through their centre based and detached / outreach work.

A Key Partner since 2013, they've inspired hundreds of young people through KEY+ and facilitated a variety of genuinely youth-led projects with our help. Linx use their partnership with The Key to engage young people and help them to learn many different skills in a friendly environment with friends.

How does KEY+ make a difference?

It provides young people with the opportunity to lead their own, youth-led activities that they may never have had the opportunity to do.

It improves young people’s skills and confidence and provides them with an aim and objective to work towards; creating an environment for sustained participation and engagement.

How does KEY+ enhance your provision?

Our partnership provides young people with the resource and opportunity to lead and do their own activities. It provides us with the opportunity to deliver targeted work with young people who wouldn’t normally engage in our open access youth clubs and gives us a flexibility to work in a wide range of settings. It benefits both the school & NEET curriculum outcomes, young people’s needs and learning styles.

What do young people love about it?

- It’s youth-led so young people choose where they take their project and what they do.

- It’s flexible and creative

- Helps to improve their confidence

- Creates a sense of achievement

- Enables young people to give back to their local communities.

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