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SEA Squad

Stage one of KEY+ asks young people to come together and get to grips with the youth-led, skills development programme and so Key Group, SEA Squad, did just that and more as they went the extra mile with their Key Project by building on their own experiences to deliver something special.

SEA Squad came together to begin dreaming up what they could do with their first Key Project. Building upon their own experiences, SEA Squad, decided they wanted to help stamp out bullying in school. The incredible group of young men and women decided to hold a poster competition across Gateshead primary schools inviting children and young people to spread awareness of bullying in schools through their own designs.

SEA Squad's journey through KEY+ empowered them to realise what they are truly capable of whilst helping them to build confidence through the positive feedback they heard from many. Their ambition was unrivalled as they went above and beyond to put the competition on the map by getting local Member of Parliament, Ian Mearns, to be involved in the judging.

The hard work and determination that SEA Squad displayed helped them to drive lots of poster entries and crown an incredible three winners. The winning designs were then taken by SEA Squad and transformed into printed posters which are now displayed throughout countless primary schools in the region, helping to stamp out bullying together each and every day.

With the opportunity provided by KEY+,  SEA Squad were able to believe in themselves to build upon their own experiences and reach others to spread awareness of a problem that they were truly  passionate about.

Statistics show that nearly half of children and young people identify that they have been bullied at some point during their school experience (Anti Bullying Alliance, 2022) and so their mighty Key Project that spreads awareness of the growing issue will impact many and encourage them to speak out if they are being bullied.

Going beyond their Key project, each member of the SEA Squad has progressed into volunteering roles and begun to develop their skills even further.

Key Facilitator, Valerie, who guided and supported SEA Squad described The Key as an opportunity to “Take a chance and give it a try!”. If you are interested in supporting your young people to be given opportunities, they wouldn’t ordinarily get… contact The Key Today.

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