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PMA are a group of three young people from North Benwell Youth Project who faced challenging circumstances but pushed themselves beyond what they ever imagined with their Key Projects.

This group have been inspired by community causes throughout their engagement with The Key. Most recently, their Stage 3 project saw them deliver winter survival packs to the homeless community within Newcastle after a knowing someone dealing with homelessness after falling on hard times and being let down by the system. 

The group researched what were the essential items that were needed and put together the kits, before then going out on the streets to deliver them to people directly, as well as liaising with a local homeless shelter to help distribute to those who needed them most. 

The group being recognised were featured on the local radio and in the Chronicle, giving interviews to both about their awe-inspiring work and inspiring others to do similar activities. This was made more impressive by the fact that some of the group have struggled themselves with social anxiety. 

Working with The Key has really helped them to build their confidence and skills and the group are continuing to achieve amazing things. They pushed themselves to make the biggest impact possible and never let their own fears or challenges stand in the way. 

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