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Key Group, Plank!, challenged themselves to think bigger as they progressed onto Stage 2 of The Key with a Climate Change passion project.

Plank! came up with the ingenious idea to produce their own music video to be launched in line with COP26. It took a lot of planning and skills but with the solid foundation the group developed in Stage 1, they were more than up to the task. Together they honed their to ability to plan their time and energy and agree tasks and responsibilities. The end result was incredibly powerful!

Involvement has seen the group grow in confidence, feel more able to talk about their opinions and realise they can enact their own change. One group member who identifies as autistic and who described themselves as 'selectively mute' found completing our programme, building friendships, developing skills and being able to creatively explore the things that matter most to them a vital experience as they overcame their own challenges and barriers to be successful at pitch and deliver a phenomenal project for others to enjoy.

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