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Pakora Party

Mahnoor, Iqra and Hamza are a sibling group who joined forces to form Key Group, Pakora Party, and inspire others with their Key Project.

Pakora Party began engaging at their local youth club, and after hearing about The Key Framework, decided they wanted to do something that celebrated their culture and helped empower others. With a concept in mind, the three youngsters got to thinking about what that could entail.

After coming up with many ideas, the group thought an enterprising Key Project would be the way to go. Drawing upon their passion and knowledge of cooking, Pakora Party decided to set up their own mini enterprise selling and delivering delicious, home cooked pakoras.

Hamza, Iqra and Mahnoor worked hard to come up with a detailed budget and plan to make it work. It was this level of detail that stunned panel members and encouraged them to give the group the go ahead at panel.

The siblings agreed their responsibilities and saw them through. Mahnoor took the lead in overseeing the project and cooking the homemade Pakora whilst ensuring the others were on track with their tasks. They headed online to search for the best pakora ingredient deals. They negotiated with a packaging supplier for the cheapest takeaway containers. The group contacted local businesses and gained orders for Pakora to be made and delivered for a small charge. Pakora Party also headed to Sage HQ to sell their delicious pakora to Sage employees at lunch time and even put out an open call to cater charity events that were taking place at the time of their project.

Pakora Party worked so hard to complete their project. They pushed themselves to the limit and, in doing so, they built so many of the Key Skills. From communicating with businesses and organisations in the North East to dealing with people in power and authority at the enterprise fayre they attended. Pakora Party learned first-hand how to manage their time and energy in order to get the pakoras prepared, cooked and delivered on time.

The group’s tenacity that saw the group sell over 200 boxes of Pakora and make a whopping £600 whilst spreading their message and sharing their culture with others. Pushed by their drive to give something back to a local, asylum seeker led community project which supports asylum seekers who have no recourse to public funds and limited access to community groups - Samosa Sister’s Women’s Empowerment charity.

It is safe to say Pakora Party stepped out of their comfort zones for Stage 1 and they haven’t stopped since. They upped the ante at Stage 2 as they came up with the genius idea of creating and selling recipe kits so individuals and families could learn to make, and enjoy, Pakora, Samosa & Biryiani from the comfort of their home. The sibling group have grown so much through The Key Framework, developing not only the 12 Key Skills but also their self-confidence and self-esteem.

On the back of their engagement with The Key, Pakora Party were crowned ‘Key Group of The Year’ at our 2018 awards, Mahnoor was announced as ‘Volunteer of The Year’ at The Key Awards 2019 following her work in inspiring more young people to get involved in The Key Framework and, most recently, Mahnoor was nominated for ‘Volunteer of the Year’ at North East Charity Awards following her Key Project and subsequent volunteering.

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