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Mighty Muffins

Mighty Muffins are a group of four teenagers from Northumberland who planned an incredibly ambitious Key Project which saw them bring together a community to celebrate oriental culture.

Emily, Erin, Kieran and Meagan came together after discovering a shared passion for Chinese culture and so wanted to do something special to celebrate this and spread awareness of oriental traditions.

Taking their inspiration from a shared interest, the group got to thinking how they could share their passion with others around them, which is when they came up with the brilliant idea of organising a community event to help dispel stereotypes that people have of the Chinese culture and highlight some of their quirky and historical traditions. With their idea all set the group got to planning, creating their event plan and finalising their budget ready for panel.

The group excelled at panel after going into such extensive detail highlighting the vast amount of planning which went into their project. The group had considered and discussed everything from an in depth health and safety plan to minute by minute action plan of the day. The group had put a lot of effort into the planning of their project and this was well presented at panel leaving the panel to simply say ‘yes’ and give the group the go ahead.

After a successful panel the group hit the ground running. The youngsters worked closely with 18 members of the Chinese community to ensure they truly did produce an event showcasing real culture and traditions. 

Over 120 people from the local community came along to the brilliant event organised by the Mighty Muffins. The event featured 6 installation shows spread around their local community and included live demonstrations of the traditional Lion Dance, Fan dancing, Singing, Tai Chi and lots more.

The Mighty Muffins thoroughly enjoyed their day and said “It really has helped bring together members of the community and other youth groups developing their understanding of the oriental culture.”

Their Key Facilitator also said “It was great to see the young people put so much effort in to the day and it was amazing to see the real integration of cultures happen!”

Mighty Muffins developed so many skills as a result of their oriental inspired project from communication skills when speaking to other cultures and different community groups; to improving their organisation skills and ability to plan their time and energy after needing to stick to a strict timeline to ensure everything was sorted in time for the event.

We’re so proud of how much the Mighty Muffins have achieved in a short period of time and we can’t wait to see what they progress onto next.

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