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Fearless Female Squad

As of March 2020, 1.6 million women and girls had experienced domestic abuse in England and Wales (ONS, 2021) with it estimated that 1 in 4 females will experience domestic violence in their lifetime (Home Office, 2019). Not to mention, COVID-19 creating an epidemic of domestic abuse due to isolation and lack of social interaction.

Fearless Female Squad were inspired by this cause, a topic close to their hearts, and so went above and beyond to deliver a Key Project that raised awareness of the increasing issue of violence against women and girls.

They further researched violence against women and girls and sought advice from their Key Facilitator before deciding to run their own poster campaign to highlight the issue itself. With their idea finalised, the group got to planning. They pulled together a budget after sourcing the best prices for materials and printing before heading to pitch their project and skills development to panel. It was here where the young ladies got the go ahead to do their project.

Designing, creating, and sharing posters across the area, Fearless Female Squad came together to build upon the things they are most passionate about. Their Key Project inspired them take part in walks across the North-East in support of standing against violence against women and girls. One group member even wrote and shared an incredibly emotional poem about the troubles facing women and girls in todays’ society. 


Key Facilitator, Hannah, who guided and supported the group through the project described the girls experience…

“I have noticed my group's confidence flourish. When we originally began this project their confidence to communicate with others and deal with other professionals in positions of authority and power was evidently overwhelming but now at the end of the process I've witnessed their confidence soar, particularly when communicating with others in positions of power”.

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