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Change Council

Change Council went from strength to strength and developed a number of skills for the future through their KEY+ journey. Starting small at Stage 1 but still thinking of others they gradually progress to Stage 3 where they created real youth impact for care experienced leavers.

Kickstarting their KEY+ Journey, Change Council wanted to help recent care leavers feel supported and cared for as they tackled the transition to independent living during a global pandemic and lockdown.

With this in mind, the young people involved decided to create wellbeing care packages to promote well being and self care during a time of uncertainty and isolation. They searched for information, items and prices online before successfully pitching and delivering their Key Project. Change Council certainly brought a smile to the faces of many care experience young people with their Stage 1 project.

Progression through to Stage 3, Change Council delivered a Youth Impact that met the needs of their community. Building from their own experiences in care, Change Council sought after and heard from a number of people about the positive impact foster care fortnight had on those involved.

Sparking a dream, they wanted to implement change in children's care homes in their region and so came up with the incredible idea of hosting their own awareness raising fortnight.

The group consulted with care homes across the region to find out requirements and what those in care wanted from the event but they developed their own fortnight event plan which saw them create Children's Home Fortnight and host events at different children's care homes each night with a collective awards celebration in the final evening.

The project was no mean feat to plan and deliver. With 14 days of activities, countless care homes to co-ordinate and all whist making sure the event met the needs of the young people in care that they aimed to support, Change Council certainly built their skills for the future and boosting their confidence in planning their time and energy, managing a budget and even communicating with a number of stakeholders The awards evening on the Friday was certainly a night to remember too!

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