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The Key Awards 2021

We were delighted to roll out the red carpet virtually for The Key Awards 2021 on Thursday 17th June, with over 100 young people, Key Facilitators and Key supporters in virtual attendance. It was an award ceremony like no other as Key groups gathered in social bubbles, The Key’s CEO hosted the show and we had live acceptance speeches like no never before. We’re delighted to have been able to celebrate with so many members of The Key Community under such unusual circumstances.

We had 11 Key Awards to hand out on the night and, with a ton of nominations, it certainly wasn't an easy task. Our judging panel were blown away by the exceptional projects of all of our Key Groups and although overall winners were chosen on the night, we know all of our young people and groups are true winners as we’ve battled a challenging time! Check out the award winners from The Key Awards 2021 below...

Covid Community Champions: Carrside Captivators

The Carrside Captivators wanted to support those facing loneliness and isolation in lockdown and after consulting with others, decided to create and deliver weekly hampers with a number of comforts, luxuries and activities for vulnerable and lonely individuals unable to leave their home. The group often ran errand and stayed for a doorstep chat on their delivery run too.

Key Panel Innovators: Team 2021

Team 2021 hoped to run a bowling adventure for their Key Project and so wanted to bring this sense of fun to their panel too. The group produced a detailed PowerPoint with information about the team, the project and the budget and then complemented this with a large colourful interactive bowling game which asked panel members to strike a pin to reveal the skill that the group had developed. 

Best Group Name: Not Fast, Just Furious

A name that truly made the judging panel chuckle – Not Fast Just Furious!

Inspirational Award: Matthew Frances

Matthew completed two Key Projects during the pandemic and let nothing stop him. He constantly encouraged and supported others throughout their Key Journeys and aimed to lift spirits with his bright and positive personality. The Key Framework was not always easy for Matthew and although it took longer for him to plan and prepare, his determination meant that he has built on all key skills and inspired others including the staff. 

Special Recognition: Friends of the Community

Friends of the Community were moved by the stark issue of homelessness in Newcastle. They created and distributed care packages at stage 1 and revisited it again at stage 3 – making it bigger and better than before with packs containing more essential items such as sleeping bags, flasks and food vouchers. To push the project further, they also set up a reverse advent calendar, encouraging others to donate rather than take.

The panel was impressed by the tenacity that the young people demonstrated throughout. This group thought outside of the box in order to make a bigger impact and it paid off for others in the community. 

Exceptional Facilitator: Lisa Clark

Lisa has been a Key Facilitator at the Cheesy Waffles Project for several years and promotes it across the project – acting as a true Key Champion. No task is ever too big for Lisa as she constantly pushes her young people to think of new ideas and projects using The Key Framework whilst being happy to support other staff trained as Key Facilitators to do more with the Framework - lending a helping hand whenever needed. Lisa has supported young people throughout the pandemic and made adaptations so that young people still had the opportunity to engage and participate.

Community Champions: The Ace’s

The Ace’s understood the need to build intergenerational relationships within their community and knew many residents were feeling isolated and lonely. They wanted to show them that young people were thinking of them and break down barriers between old and young by providing an afternoon treat of fish, chips, tea and dessert to elderly residents of their estate.

Outstanding Delivery Partner: Ferryhill Business and Enterprise College

Ferryhill Business & Enterprise College have certainly made the most of their Key Membership and have been a strong force in inspiring their students to believe in their own ideas and make them happen through The Key Framework. The Key activity is well recognised in the college with their own display board celebrating the brilliant Key Projects students have planned. Ferryhill ensure The Key Framework is used in a variety of ways with a multitude of students so that no one is excluded from joining in. 

Unique Project: The Satiricals

The Satiricals noticed families struggling in lockdown and wanted to make life easier for all. With an overwhelming need from families to provide affordable entertainment and fun for their children and young people, they came up with the Community Catalogue idea meaning families and young people could rent games, activities and more completely free. 

Special Recognition: PMA

PMA faced challenging circumstances but pushed themselves beyond what they ever imagined with their Key Projects. Working with The Key really helped them to build their confidence and skills and the group continue to achieve amazing things. They’re active in their communities and regularly supported others with their kind Key Projects including their most recent project which saw  them deliver winter survival packs to the homeless community after knowing someone dealing with homelessness after falling on hard times and being let down by the system. 

The panel was impressed by the determination and kindness that the young people demonstrated throughout. This group pushed to make the biggest impact possible and never let their own fears or challenges stand in the way. 

Extraordinary Group: Carrside Captivators

The Carrside Captivators are a group of young people who made it all the way to Stage 4 in The Key Framework and who have consistently delivered exceptional projects that have benefited their wider community. The group have shown time and time again their dedication to The Key Framework and the projects they dreamt up and delivered. They regularly went above and beyond what was expected of them and strived to be the best they can be.

In their later stage projects, this group wanted to encourage equality, diversity and tolerance by using multiple events and activities to ensure as wide a reach as possible. The group were able to forge a partnership with National charity Educate and Celebrate, organising a showcase event for Durham Primary schools to perform pieces promoting LGBTQ inclusivity enabling over 150 children to learn about LGBTQ inclusivity themselves and help educate others too.

For their Stage 4 project, they were faced with the pandemic and decided to change their original idea to help those most vulnerable. They spoke with local care homes and age-related charities to find out how they could best support isolated, elderly residents in the community and came up with their weekly hamper idea.

Members of the group delivered packs and engaged in a doorstep chat with the isolated recipients on a regular basis and after their initial 8 week Key Project came to an end and upon re-entering lockdown in January, the young people knew the project had to continue and additional secured further funding from the Community Foundation and a small community Lottery grant to continue the project until lockdown restrictions eased.

As the weeks turned into months the deliveries took longer  (often 3 plus hours), this Key Group never rushed not only dropping off the hampers each week but regularly helping out with anything else the older people needed. They have borrowed books to take to readers who were running out, ran errands to the post office and popped gas and electric on for those who were unable/didn’t want to go out.

The Carrside Captivators have done an absolutely amazing job, the relationships they forged with the members is truly heartwarming and everything they have gained through The Key Framework has been phenomenal.

A massive thank you and well done to all young people, Key Facilitators and Delivery Partners. We are honoured to support and empower you on a daily basis and we're constantly inspired and awed by all that you achieve through The Key Framework. It's time to register your Key Projects for next year's awards...

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