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At Stage 3, the Hungry Hippos wanted to stretch themselves further and do something a little different. The young men came across research which showed that young drivers have a higher instances of crashing once passed which soon became the inspiration for their final idea.

The Hungry Hippos came up with a unique idea to create a teenage driving school to give young people a head start, reduce the amount of lessons needed, bring down the cost of learning, and promote good road/safety knowledge.

The young men carried out extensive research about how they could make it possible within budget and became real experts when it came to virtual reality driving. Hungry Hippos built their own driving simulator with a hazard perception test, spending a ton of time and effort in finding different compatible components that were age appropriate and UK road based. The group were really keen to point out that this was not a racing simulator but a tool for young people to learn how to drive responsibly.

The equipment is now available during youth clubs and young people are allowed to use the equipment throughout, providing them with support to pass their theory test through their driving workshops ran by young people too.

The project was a great success and will continue to have a lasting impact in their community as young people can use it at their local youth club at weekly sessions.

The project even caught the eyes of The Key Awards judging panel and they were crowned KEY+ Unique Project of the Year!

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