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Fond Farewell to Loren

This month we said goodbye to our first kickstarter, Loren, who joined The Key to help build relationships and connections across the network. Loren delivered an incredible presentation to our Board of Trustees and spoke about her time with The Key. All of us here at The Key were so proud of her shared experiences we thought it necessary to share them with you too!

Hear a few words from Loren...

“I was interviewed by Una initially and thought it would be a regular office job but I was completely wrong – I have seen such a close knitted team that work hard together on the daily. If a problem arises, the whole crew get involved to create a solution –communication is Key and I’ve not experienced neglect or struggle when I’ve been set up to do tasks. So not only do The Key care about the success of the young people, they have excellent staff morale too.

The Key have no doubt in any young person and that completely line up with their strapline ‘Inspiring belief in young people’. I have struggled for many years with my confidence, If you asked me a year ago to present something in front of a group of people I’d make up any excuse to avoid it. Now it’s something I actually look forward to –I’m building my skills and connections with different people. What I’ve learnt at The Key, I can transfer to my next job and I believe in my potential to venture into something new.

At the start of my six months at The Key I asked the question, what do you want from me as a young person and after I posed the question, no one really knew how to answer it. I realised that it wasn’t about just completing day to day tasks and being an extra helping hand, but it was about proving that you can be thrown in the deep end with so much worry and come out achieving more than you thought you would. My role at The Key was to demonstrate opportunity and personal development and show that you can do things you never thought you would.

I’ve also learnt that nothing is ever perfect. Organisations are expected to be on a straight path, but a successful organisation will go over bumps, barriers and stops to achieve their goals. That has been highly demonstrated at The Key. We work face to face with young people and our delivery partners. COVID was the spanner and we were the cog!”

If you feel inspired by Loren's time with The Key and want to experience it for yourself, get in contact today!

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