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Fond Farewell to Hannah Underwood

Over the last three years, The Key has been on a journey to deepen the impact and grow the reach of The Key. We’ve been leading up to something exciting for quite some time now and in May 2022, we’ll launch our refreshed skills development programme, KEY+! KEY+ is a collaborative effort led by The Key’s Innovation and Growth team and made possible thanks to a host of young people, partners, and supporters, and we’re thrilled to be sharing it with you. 

As we move into the next chapter of inspiring belief in young people and our innovation project draws to its conclusion, we’re reshaping our team to best respond to our future direction. With KEY+ ready to go and the new digital platform developed, our Innovation and Growth team will merge with our Programme Delivery team to ensure we most efficiently meet the needs of young people and our community of partners moving forward. We are currently undergoing a consultation process with those it may affect, and we’ll update you on future changes as soon as it is appropriate.

For now, we’re saying a fond farewell to our very own Hannah Underwood. Hannah became CEO of The Key in 2005 aged just 25. She led the charity for over 15 years before stepping into the Director of Innovation and Growth role, where she passionately led our innovation project. Hannah’s dynamic thinking transformed our charity, and we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without her. She’ll be a big miss amongst the team, but we’re glad to get the opportunity to work with Hannah again through her new venture as she supports organisations with their data strategy, digital innovation and more. 

Here's a few words from Hannah...

“My time at The Key has been a real adventure, a challenge and a joy. I’ve never stopped learning and have always felt supported and encouraged by the Board and wider team. I’ve had the complete privilege of experiencing first-hand the impact our conjoined efforts have had on literally thousands of young people’s lives. It’s been nothing short of awesome

However, the time is finally right to put the next part of my new career plan into action. I’ll be indulging my inner geek and building on all my years’ experience to go freelance, offering data strategy and digital innovation consultancy to social sector organisations and responsible businesses. I can’t wait to get started and will even be back working with The Key over the summer as one of my first clients.”

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