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Meet Emy, a young person who is participating in KEY+ and has really reaped the rewards of the skills development challenge so far!

Emy is a young woman from County Durham who recently began her KEY+ Journey with Key Partner, Groundwork.

Emy joined a group of young women who at the time were now in education, employment or training and formed The Lionesses with hopes of building new skills and confidence for the future.

Before starting KEY+, Emy was very shy and struggled with anxiety. Sometimes Emy would find it hard to speak to others she was unfamiliar with and would rarely go out.

With the support of KEY+ and her Key Facilitators, Emy was encouraged to try something new and take on a challenge. KEY+ encouraged her to come out of her comfort zone and as a result it has really improved her confidence levels and skills.

Emy has since become more confident and empowered to leave the house to attend KEY+ sessions. Along with her group, she is working on an enterprising Key Project and whilst exploring her passion for photography at college.

Here's some of the things Emy has said about her KEY+ experience...

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