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A group from South Tyneside joined forces through the KEY+ Challenge recently as they set out to deliver social action in their community by tackling the intergenerational divide.

Naming themselves Criminal Minds due to their shared passion for criminology, this group of young people decided early on that they wanted to use the KEY+ Challenge to do something caring and kind for elderly neighbours to improve connections and build links.

Pitching their heritage themed post-war 1950s party to panel was no easy feat for this group. They were nervous when speaking to others they weren't familiar with, but they still pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to do. Criminal Minds were rewarded with a YES from the panel who loved the idea, reasoning, and detailed planning that the group had put into their project.

So, with a yes under their belt, the group got to the DO step of the KEY+ Challenge. They booked their venue, sourced a local chef to cater the event and scoured the internet for 1950's themed decorations. Criminal Minds then took charge of promoting their event and inviting a local care home to join them on the day.

A lot of hard work and preparation went into the event, and it certainly paid off. The young people organised live themed entertainment and even hosted a game of bingo much to the delight of all those in attendance!


Criminal Minds participated in The Key's social action programme called The Key to Social Action. This programme uses the KEY+ Challenge to empower 16-17 year olds to build important life skills and confidence whilst exploring social action on their own terms.

The programme is funded by NCS.

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