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Key Partner Spotlight: Bright Futures Young Women's Projects

Find out how our Outstanding Partner of 2023 uses the KEY+ Challenge in their work with young women in South Tyneside.

We sat down with Dominique from Bright Futures Young Women's Projects who has been a trained KEY+ Facilitator and has used the KEY+ Challenge with young women throughout South Tyneside for many years now.

Bright Futures deliver a range of innovative projects to young women within their communities to support, educate, empower and influence them. They're big advocates for The Key and the opportunity that KEY+ provides for those they support.

Bright Futures use the KEY+ Challenge to empower young people to identify their individual strengths, weaknesses, interests, and values creating positive change in their communities. We use the KEY+ challenge to encourage young people to work towards the various stages, further developing their skills and interests.

At Bright Futures we love how they KEY+ provides opportunities for personal growth. The initiative is designed for young people to unlock their own potential whilst being creative and exploring their personal interests and values. Another aspect of the KEY+ which we love at Bright Futures is the emphasis on community engagement, bringing different generations together, allowing people to connect and creating and environment where everyone can thrive.

The first step of KEY+ involves the young people reflecting on their personal attributes, interests, and experiences. The skills wheels self-assessment tool, helps the young people gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and encourages them to use this as a foundation for self-development.

One of the favourite memories here at Bright Futures is nominating our young people for awards and watching them receive their awards, allowing their hard work and efforts to be recognised. Young people at Bright Futures always enjoy attending The Key Awards and believe they are carefully planned and tailored to young people.

KEY+ enables Bright Futures to deliver an innovative model to young people. The challenge allows us to bring young people together to work on a project, providing funding for young people to work through the various stages. KEY+ has enabled Bright Futures to work alongside like minded charities across Tyne and Wear whether it be attending another groups session as a trained facilitator or when working together on a similar project.

Becoming a key partner and delivering the KEY+ Challenge is an exciting opportunity with lots of benefits for the organisation and the young people. As an experienced Key partner, we would encourage like minded organisations to become a partner and enable more young people to have their voices heard.

Are you passionate about inspiring belief in young people? Then why not get in touch to see how you could make the most of the KEY+ Challenge within your provision too.

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