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Be a Home Hero for The Key


Sunday 26th April was the day the Virgin Money London Marathon was supposed to take place, with tens of thousands of participants set to run just over 26 miles but then coronavirus swept across the world and up-ended all of our plans!

So as we can't go out and raise money for charity, we're asking you to take part in your own home challenge this Sunday 26th April for The Key!

All you have to do is think of a sponsored activity based around the numbers 26 or 2.6 that you can complete on Sunday 26th April or the days that follow and invite your friends and family to donate.

Lockdown means you will need to do this at home – or during your hour’s daily exercise, providing you can do so safely and within government guidelines. Struggling to think of your charity saving fundraising idea?

We've got some to get you thinking...

  • Create your own virtual quiz with 26 questions
  • Do a 26 hour sponsored silence
  • Perform a 26 minute talent show for your friends and family (virtually)
  • Run 2.6 kilometres as part of your daily exercise 
  • Sing 26 songs to your own virtual audience
  • Host a sponsored video-game-a-thon like a 26- team FIFA tournament or a 26-race Mario Kart Grand!

Got some ideas? Let's get going then...

  1. Choose your final 2.6 challenge activity
  2. Create a Virgin Money Giving account (or log in) and select The Key as your chosen charity
  3. Set your target and get sharing (virtually) with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours...

We want to thank you in advance for raising money for The Key through the #TWOPOINTSIXCHALLENGE! 


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