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Back to School, Back to The Key!

With September now in full swing that means that so is school! Don't worry though because we have 12 new ways to brighten up your Autumn and guess what? They all involve our brilliant youth-led, skills development programme, The Key Framework!

So, here we go…

  1. Race your mates and battle for the podium at Newcastle’s Go-karting track.
  2. Rally the troops and bring your community together for an open oriental feast and discuss the issues and plans for your local area. (Social Action Bonus)
  3. Head to the theatre to see a brilliant live performance.
  4. Start ahead of the crowd by starting the Halloween party prep for your youth club and invited isolated members of the community too. (Social Action Bonus)
  5. Get your neighbourhood looking spick and span with a good old fashioned litter pick. (Social Action Bonus)
  6. Try your hand at dry slope skiing at Sunderland Activity Centre.
  7. Passionate about an issue, change or problem? Grab the camera and get campaigning with a social action campaigning project.
  8. Test your inner daredevil and go paragliding.
  9. Lack of bonfire spirit in your village? Why not set about it early and create your own with the right permissions and procedures. (Social Action Bonus)
  10. Pray for a sunny day (& well behaved animals) and get a mobile petting zoo to your youth club. (Social Action Bonus)
  11. Test out your amateur golfing skills at Mr Mulligan’s Space Golf.
  12. Take a trip to Durham Cathedral and take in the culture and heritage of the place. You might even uncover some famous Harry Potter spots when you’re there!

Not keen on our ideas? Get started with your own today!

Remember social action projects are bonus to your membership and therefore do not use a project credit!

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