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Key Group: Tiger Cubs

An ambitious group of young women built on their shared passion and worked hard to give back to others as they completed KEY+ at Oxhill Youth Club. They grew in confidence, developed skills and achieved things previously beyond their reach through their participation.

Jaimee, Chloe and Amber, aged 15-16, share a passion for karate and had been making sure more children and young people could experience the sport by delivering regular sessions at their local youth club before the pandemic. As the pandemic hit, the group soon realised that they couldn’t restart sessions in a usual way as social distancing meant children and young people had to participate at a safe distance. So with this in mind, they created their KEY+ group, Tiger Cubs, to purchase essential equipment such as size appropriate bags.

The girls pulled together their plans and budget and were incredibly anxious when going to panel to pitch their idea. They overcame their nerves however and managed to get a big yes. The equipment made a big difference to the sessions and inspired the group to continue their KEY+ journey.

At Stage 2, the group recognised the impact of the pandemic and wanted to plan a team building day to relax, let their hair down and simply be young people. They pulled together suggestions, negotiated on their ideas and decided to go for a fun activity filled day out. This time round, the girls were still nervous heading to panel but had some experience of presenting now and dealt with the situation together. Much to their delight, the panel granted them the go ahead and the Tiger Cubs got to enjoy some much-needed bonding time.

Stage 3 of KEY+ challenges groups to deliver an even bigger project that either explores enterprise or is social action based. Jaimee, Chloe and Amber rose to the occasion and built a Stage 3 project that helped other young people to get involved in karate and see how it can transform their young lives too. They delivered a community karate competition with young people from their club and two others whilst opening it up for others to come, watch and experience what karate could do for them.

They planned their project, contacted other karate clubs and pulled together a budget for the day before heading to panel to pitch their idea once again. This time, The Tiger Cubs, felt nervous but equally empowered.

Jaimee, Chloe and Amber are excited about their upcoming Inter Club karate meet and are underway with putting their plans into action. The young women talked in great detail about how KEY+ had supported them to realise what they were truly capable of.

The Tiger Cubs enjoyed their KEY+ journey and would encourage any young person to get involved if they could.

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