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Change Council 16+

From stage one to stage three, Change Council 16+ have developed from strength to strength. From creating wellbeing packs for care experienced young people during the pandemic to reigniting a space for young people to meet and get together safely, this group has amazed us. 

Kickstarting their KEY+ Journey, Change Council 16+ dreamed up and delivered a project to help those leaving care. Exceeding expectations of what is required, this group of determined young people came up with an impressive way to stretch £250 to reach as many people as possible.

Change Council think, plan, pitched and delivered 75 wellbeing packs for care leavers to promote well being and self care during a time of uncertainty and isolation. They focused their efforts towards those that were struggling the most during the pandemic and ensured that those who couldn't afford the necessities received the packages.  

Youth Impact asks young people to find out about their community needs and plan a project around helping the requirements. Building from their own experiences in care, Change Council sought after and heard from a number of people about the positive impact foster care fortnight has on those involved.

Sparking a dream, they wanted to implement change in children's care homes in their region. They created the incredible idea of holding Children's Home Fortnight, hosting events across a week at different children's care home each night with a collective awards celebration in the final evening. 

Consulting with homes across the region to find out requirements and what the young people would want, they sure did create an incredible event.

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