Walbottle Devils

Four young men took inspiration from a school assembly for their stage 4 Key project by making big plans to help the homeless community.

The Walbottle Devils were keen to investigate how they could go about helping either the homeless or the armed forces for their stage 4 project and after meeting with a rep from the Cyrenians (a homeless charity); the group found out that 25% of homeless people are actually from the armed services. Ever keen to help out, the group came up with the idea of making emergency kits to give to homeless people so they could prepare themselves to go into rehabilitation and re-engage with the community.

After brainstorming the contents of the kits the group finally settled on the idea of including basic commodities such as toothbrushes, blankets, socks, razors, deodorant and travel wipes but after costing and budgeting the group were faced with the tough challenge of reducing the cost of putting together one of their packs.

Developing their ability to solve problems and negotiate, the group were able to successfully haggle on the prices of some of their items and even managed to get some items for free! One group member said: “I was nervous meeting the manager of Sainsbury but he was very nice and gave us free stuff!”

Throughout the project there was a strong team-working ethic with every member acing pride in their role and completigint their responsibilities. The group experienced dealing with people in power and authority after meeting the Key Stage 4 director to discuss the possibility of getting some extra time to spend on the project enabling the group to complete their excellent emergency kits and make them available for the homeless.

From their project, the Walbottle Devils managed to change the lives of 100 homeless people by providing them with their fantastic emergency kits to help them to make the positive transition into independant and sustainable living.