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The Key's Co-Creation Community

What is The Key's Co-Creation Community?

A community of individuals who are interested in research and design and would like to help improve the use and impact of The Key Framework for young people everywhere. Each member can respond to opportunities to co-create ideas and solutions and test the things we build to produce better outcomes for young people and organisations using The Key Framework.

Why co-create?

Co-creation puts the user at the centre at the start. This means that those who could benefit from The Key Framework get to shape and influence how it’s delivered so that it works better for everyone. Co-creation is a great way to get new ideas and problem solve together bringing a sense of ownership, excitement and discovery to everyone involved.

How does it work?

When an opportunity comes up to re-think,  develop or test how The Key Framework is used, we will invite people by text, email or phone call to join in. Opportunities will be varied, some will be simple online questionnaires, others virtual interviews, or a chance to play with some developed software features. There will be opportunities to get rewards for your participation too. Either way, each opportunity is a chance for you to give feedback and influence how The Key improves its impact with young people.

Code of Co-Creation: Our guiding principles
  • Be honest
  • Be open
  • Be respectful

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