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Kickstarting Youth Engagement

The 2nd of August saw the beginning of a new adventure at The Key. We had the delight of having Loren Evans join us as a new apprentice within programme delivery. The Key are so excited to be on this new adventure, taking part in the government Kickstarter scheme, beginning with six-month placements.

Through our growth plans, we have embarked on a mission to involve young people in everything we do. Just one aspect of this will be the expansion of our offer of apprenticeships and traineeships. Our plans are for this to be just the beginning of the Youth Engagement Program we will be rolling out of the next 12 months.

Every discussion that we have had with young people has told us that they are most attracted to the idea of paid employment opportunities, and practical work experience. We continue to uphold the belief that a young persons’ Key Journey offers them an incredible opportunity for young people to unlock their potential, but our expansion into meaningful, paid employment offers young people to advance their journey even further. We want young people to influence every decision we make and we hope with the success of our expansion, we will be able to offer young people the chance to take their 12 Key Skills development into the ‘real world’ here at The Key.

Our new Kickstarter Loren decided her attraction to The Key was because of our “positive approach to youth engagement and the opportunity for future development”.

When asking Loren of her goals for her apprenticeship, Loren said “I hope to come out of the Key with booming confidence, the will to speak in front of large groups of people and be assured in my decision-making techniques. I’m already confident that this is everything they can offer me, and more”.

We are so excited to have Loren here at The Key and we are certain she will be just the first of many people to actively shape The Key moving forward. Watch this space for how we are continuing to evolve our Youth Engagement Program at The Key to actively involve as many young people as possible.

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